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My favourite actor’s joke

Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

My favourite actor’s joke: A research scientist is convinced he’s discovered something extraordinary - that dogs take on the behaviour of their owners.

Three Dogs

So he sets up an experiment. He has a room, completely empty except for a pile of seventeen dog biscuits. He gets three dogs to take part - a mathematician’s dog, an architect’s dog, and an actor’s dog.

He brings the mathematician’s dog into the room and shows him the dog biscuits. The mathematician’s dog BARKS SEVENTEEN TIMES! As though he was counting the biscuits! 'This is amazing!’ thinks the scientist.

Then he gets the architect’s dog in and shows it the dog biscuits. There’s a flurry of paws - AND THE ARCHITECT’S DOG BUILDS A DOG KENNEL OUT OF THE BISCUITS! ‘Unbelievable’, thinks the scientist ‘I’m definitely onto something here’.

Then he gets the actor’s dog in. And the actor’s dog eats all the biscuits, shags the other two dogs and asks for the afternoon off.

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