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Terence Rattigan’s Separate Tables, Covent Garden

Phew! Just done a rehearsed reading at the CAA in Covent Garden of Terence Rattigan’s Separate Tables. Just about got away with it.

Separate Tables is in fact two one act plays, both set in the same small Eastbourne hotel, eighteen months apart, with mostly the same characters.

I was the lead in both - Mr Malcolm, a raddled left wing journalist and disgraced MP in the first; Major Pollock, a send-up retired Major who turns out to be a complete fraud in the second. Opposite me was Felicity Dean, who was just wonderful.

Bit of a hairy experience though - we only got the script on Monday, had a read through on the Wednesday afternoon, sorted entrances and exits and rehearsed as best we could on the Thursday afternoon - then we were on, in front of a paying audience.

Went OK though.

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